Splendid Express is the latest division opened by the Splendid Logistics Group. Regular clients of Splendid Logistics kept on inquiring about sending smaller quantities, at affordable rates, between Cape Town and Johannesburg. As Splendid Logistics mainly concentrates on full loads between direct clients, Splendid Express’s core business is the consolidattion of loads that vary in size and quantity. Inspired by the needs of our customers and true to our promise of ‘Innovation’…Splendid Express was born.

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The core objective of Splendid Express is to cater for loads bigger than an envelope, and smaller than a full truck load, and everything in between. These are normally items that are not courier type parcels, but also not quite full truck loads.

We have a depot in Cape Town and in Johannesburg where we consolidate all the items. These items gets loaded on a linehaul vehicle that runs directly between the two depots. From the offloading depot it gets distributed to the clients. Our mayor advantage is that we ONLY use our own vehicles and staff from start to finish giving us complete control over your package.