Customer Satisfaction
Our drivers, customer support teams and management teams are all trained in Best Customer Practices, in order for your experience to be nothing short of exceptional.
Employee Satisfaction

We believe that only satisfied employees can deliver exceptional service, therefore we treat our employees with the same respect that we treat our customers.

Innovation and Value
Exceptional service relates to constant innovation of our products, services and customer experiences to outshine our competitors.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We believe that it is our responsibility to act for the benefit of society at large but also to be actively involved in the various communities that have helped us to succeed as a business

Our Fleet

Splendid Logistics runs a diverse fleet of vehicles, ranging from 1 Ton to 36 Ton Super Links.

Our fleet of vehicles are well maintained, serviced and cleaned to a high standard. All our vehicles are inspected for roadworthy annually to ensure that we conform to the rules of the Road Traffic Act. We do not take shortcuts with the maintenance and well-being of our fleet to ensure the safety of our staff as well as the other road users.

Our fleet are fitted with the latest and most technologically advanced tracking systems supplied by Ctrack Vehicle Monitoring. All our long distance vehicles are also fitted with a 4 Camera CCTV system to ensure total control over the managing and monitoring of the fleet and its goods.


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